Terms & Conditions

1) Introduction

Guide Catch ApS is a company headquartered and registered at the address Staunings Plads 3, 1607 Copenhagen, Denmark with CVR number 37281557.
“User” is defined in the following paragraphs as being a person who visits the platform or who has created a Guide Catch account on the platform and uses its functionalities. Users will be able to view, chat with and book/purchase services offered by other Users.  
The Guide Catch platform facilitates the connection and transactions (where geographically possible) between Users. Where geographically relevant, Catchups are independently designed, approved and run by registered Users. Therefore, Guide Catch only acts on behalf of private and professional Users who offer their own services on their own account.

2) Services

  1. Service definitions
    1. Catchup: “Catchup” is defined as a small event created by Users on the platform and which can be viewed and booked by other Users. Users creating Catchups may choose to make their tickets available for free or for a price which they independently set.
    2. Log-in using Third Party Providers accounts: In order to access certain features of the platform, to chat with other Users or make a booking for a Catchup, visitors to the platform must register to create an account and become a registered User. Visitors may register and create a Guide Catch account by logging into their account with certain third-party social networking sites (including, but not limited to, Facebook and Google+), via our Platform. Any relationship with any third-party provider is governed solely by the User’s agreement with such third-party provider.

3) Insurance

Guide Catch is adequately ensured by reputable Insurance companies. The Company’s insurance includes liability insurance.  We however still recommend Users to take out appropriate personal insurance as required.

4) Requirements to Users:

  1. It is every User’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy of any information provided in their own profile (including cases where data is loaded through Third Party Providers such as Facebook, Google+ or other). When creating a Guide Catch account, Users agree to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update such information to keep it accurate, current and complete. Guide Catch reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Guide Catch account if a User creates more than one (1) account, or if any information provided during the registration process or thereafter proves to be inaccurate, fraudulent, not current or incomplete. Users are responsible for safeguarding their password. Users agree that they will not disclose their password to any third party and that they will take sole responsibility for any activities or actions under their account, whether or not they have authorized such activities or actions. They will immediately notify Guide Catch of any unauthorized use of their account.
  2. It is every User’s responsibility to ensure that no viruses, unauthorized software or other harmful content is uploaded by them on the platform.
  3. Users shall not make use of data gathered through the platform for other purposes than to use the services proposed on the platform.
  4. Users should be of legal age (i.e. 18 years or older, depending on the given country).
  5. Users agree to pay any fees required as part of their booking of Catchups displayed on the platform (ticket price for Catchups including the Guide Catch commission), plus any legally required taxes hereunder VAT as applicable in a given country.
  6. Users agree to abide to these terms and conditions at any time when using the Guide Catch platform.
  7. If a User has created a Catchup for which at least one ticket has been booked, the User will be required to host the Catchup at the time and date registered when creating that Catchup. Guide Catch reserves the right to monitor the number of unattended Catchups and remove the User’s access to the platform in case of excessive unattended Catchups. No fees will be transferred to the User should he/she not attend a Catchup created by him/herself.  
  8. Users are solely responsible for the content, which they post on the platform (Catchups, profile information, pictures, videos, availability etc).  
  9. Users are solely responsible for honoring the agreements made with other Users through the booking of their Catchups.
  10. Users agree that they will take sole responsibility for any activities or actions performed under their account, whether or not they have authorized such activities or actions. They will immediately notify Guide Catch of any unauthorized use of their account.
  11. Users shall not make use of data gathered through the platform for any other purpose than to use services through the platform.
  12. A User may close his/her account at any time. Further use of services with the use of their current password and login shall no longer be possible.

5) Payments:
  1. All payment for services (Catchups) offered through the platform should be made through the online transaction system available on the platform.
  2. Users accept the payment terms as outlined by the platform.
  3. A commission (including local Value Added Tax) on all fees paid for Catchups delivered by Users through the platform will be withdrawn by Guide Catch. Guide Catch reserves the right from time to time to adjust this commission.
  4. The Guide Catch platform includes a payment system supporting payment transactions between Users when a Catchup is booked.  The platform will make a pre-authorization to the User’s credit/debit card at the time of booking. Once the Catchup has happened, the actual amount (in the displayed currency) will be withdrawn from the User’s account. The amount minus Guide Catch’s commission and applicable taxes or fees will thereafter be transferred to the hosting User’s account number.
  5. The User having hosted the Catchup will thereafter receive an electronic receipt detailing the amount withdrawn from his account to the email address provided when registering to Guide Catch.
  6. The User having hosted the Catchup will receive a summary of the fees, which are due based on the Catchup. Any fees due to that User will be transferred to his respective provided account number. The time it takes for the User to receive payouts may depend upon the payout method chosen by the User. Some methods involve the use of third-party payment processors, who may impose their own additional charges for the use of their services on the platform, in which case such charges may be deducted from the payout amount.

6) Cancellations:

  1. Cancellation by Users attending Catchups: Users will be able to cancel their attendance to a Catchup up until the cancellation deadline advertised by the User hosting the Catchup. Once that deadline has passed, Users will not be able to cancel their booking any longer. Any cancellation registered by a User on the platform before this time will entitle the User to a full release of the amount pre-authorized on the provided credit/debit card. Any cancellation registered by the User on the platform after this time will not trigger any release of the authorization and the authorized amount will therefore be withdrawn from the provided credit/debit card and thereafter transferred to the User bosting the Catchup.
  2. Cancellations by Users having organized Catchups: Users will have up to 24 hours to notify Guide Catch should the User who is hosting the Catchup not show up. Guide Catch will thereafter verify the non-attendance of that User and request a confirmation from him/her. Should the verification show that he/she did not attend the Catchup, the User having booked a ticket will be entitled to a full refund of the amount due. If the amount has not been withdrawn yet, then the amount authorized on the User’s credit/debit card will not be withdrawn and the User hosting the Catchup will not be entitled to any payment related thereto.

7) Marketing:

  1. By creating an account on the Guide Catch platform, Users accept to receive newsletters sent by Guide Catch to their registered email address. Users may at any time unsubscribe from such newsletters.
  2. Guide Catch reserves the right to use the photos and videos uploaded by Users for advertising, marketing, commercial or other business purpose.
  3. Any type of direct or indirect advertising from Users on their own or others’ behalf is not permitted on the platform. Any breach of this clause will be considered a breach of these Terms and Conditions and Guide Catch reserves the right to remove such marketing content form the platform and to exclude any User having uploaded such advertising content on the platform. 

8) Limitation of Liability

  1. The Guide Catch platform solely provides chat and marketplace functionalities and facilitates the communication and eventual transaction between Users, as such it can not be held responsible for the content posted by Users on the platform.
  2. If Users in any way perform any illegal activities, then Guide Catch can in no circumstance be held accountable for their actions.
  3. Users hosting Catchups and selling tickets for these are solely responsible for all payment of income tax or any other tax payment required by law and related to the performance of their Catchup on the platform.
  4. Users agree that any legal remedy or liability that they seek to obtain for actions or omissions of other Users or other third parties will be limited to a claim against the particular User or other Third Party who caused them harm.
  5. Guide Catch reserves the right to remove any User from the platform should they not abide to the platform’s policies, consistently get low ratings from other Users or do not fulfill their obligations incurred when using the site.
  6. Guide Catch reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove or disable access to any uploaded items or information for any reason, including information that Guide Catch, in its sole discretion, considers to be objectionable for any reason, in violation of these Terms and Conditions, or otherwise harmful to the platform.
  7. Any reference on the Platform to a Registered User being "registered" (or similar language) only indicates that the User has created an account on the platform, and does not represent anything else. Any such description is not an endorsement, certification or guarantee by Guide Catch about any User, including of the User’s identity and whether the User is trustworthy, safe or suitable. Instead, any such description is intended to be useful information for Users to make their own decisions about the identity and suitability of others whom they contact or interact with via the Platform. We therefore recommend that Users always exercise due diligence and care when deciding whether to initiate a chatting session or join Catchups, or to have any other interaction with any other User.
  8. Guide Catch’s service is considered to be completed when a chat session ends or a transaction between a User and another User hosting a Catchup has been performed and the corresponding amounts have been transferred to that User.
  9. Guide Catch can under no circumstance be held liable for any User’s misuse of any information made available by other Users on the platform.
  10. Guide Catch can under no circumstance be held liable for the arrangement and performance of Catchup, mistakes or no-show from Users, or other technical issues or problems.
  11. Guide Catch can under no circumstance be held liable for financial and economic losses or other losses, including loss of income or loss of data and/or information.
  12. Guide Catch can under no circumstance be held liable for the content displayed on its platform, including notes, footnotes, comments or links uploaded by its users in their profiles or elsewhere.

9) Data protection and data privacy
  1. The Guide Catch platform will collect data, within the limits of the applicable law, as and if necessary to perform the described services. For technical purposes, this data is kept on servers, whose provider is not entitled to further share any information which we reposit on said servers. Guide Catch reserves the right to share any collected information with government and tax authorities should these require so. However, beyond those applicable government and tax authories and technical servers provider, GuideCatch will not share the information you have provided to us with other third parties for marketing purposes or other. 
  2. To register to the platform and create an account, Users will have to provide their correct name and surname, email address, country of residence and choose their interests based on the list provided on the platform. Users also accept that their latest login location is displayed on the application, after pro-actively consenting to this by making themselves available on the app. Users understand and approve that some of this information will be publicly available on the platform as a direct consequence of Guide Catch’s business model. Such information may however solely be used internally by Guide Catch for statistical and reporting purposes to continuously improve the Guide Catch platform. Users may at any time make themselves unavailable on the app, whereafter their latest login location will not be displayed any longer on the app. 
  3. Users may at any time view and update their profile information in the “Settings” menu of the platform.
  4. Users may at any time de-activate their account through the GuideCatch app by opening up their profile in the Settings Menu and chose "De-activate my profile". 
  5. Users may at any time request to have their data deleted from our repository by sending us a request at info@guidecatch.com

10) Jurisdiction and Governing Laws
  1. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark. Any arbitration shall be governed by the Danish Rules of Arbitration Procedure.
  2. If any rules or policies appear not to be in accordance with the applicable law, then normal principles of Danish law shall apply.

11) Other
  1. Guide Catch reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as and when required and it is any User’s responsibility to stay updated on these terms.
  2. All users are obliged to observe these terms and conditions.